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About Us

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” Maria Montessori

“Almost few decades back the market was dominated by the grandmother-run-crèches or similar informal arrangements. Today, parents are looking for an extra edge; something which is scientifically designed, research-backed and outcome-oriented. This is where organized players like us come into play”

Who are we?
Milkyway Preschool is a dream project of Indian Association of Science and Application ( IASA ). IASA is – an Educational Trust (nonprofit organization) which is quite well known for its women empowerment and skill enhancement programs. We have also worked with school children to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. We realised that these techniques should be taught from early childhood for the holistic development of the child. This led us to dream of a preschool which did not just enable reading and writing readiness but allowed the children to explore their inherent capabilities.
Mission and Vision:
To help the children in becoming independent thinkers and enhance their skills so that they can excel in their dreams and build a stronger, compassionate, enriched and beautiful society.

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Our System

In order to meet our curriculum objectives, we take the children through a structured learning programme, which involves a lot of structured and focussed activities. The curriculum emphasizes the key areas of development in the child in the spheres of Senso-motor, Personality, Language, Cognitive and Creative skills. The curriculum also gives a clear timetable in terms of what needs to be done throughout the year in terms of activities and themes. An integral part of our curriculum is that the curriculum is implemented with educational materials (Montessori Apparatus) with which the children learn by exercising their hands and senses, which in turn aids in their overall brain development. We begin with fine and practical life skills. English is introduced with phonetics. Mathematics is introduced with materials that help the child comprehend this very abstract area. We also provide theme-based books, various notebooks, exercise copies and worksheets to inspire the children a love of learning.

Development through work by hands

  • Teachers are facilitators
  • Each child at his own pace
  • Self Correction
  • Independence
  • Daily observation and assessment
  • Mixed Age Grouping
  • Freedom of Choice
  • Inner Discipline
  • Socially vibrant environment
  • Self Learning Environment

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Our Program (Pre School & Day Care)

Weekly Activity Center

Key Highlight

" Milkyway preschool’s moto is to activate the Childs own natural desire to learn "

Child-Centric Curriculum

Milkyway Preschool curriculum is comprehensive and child-centric which is based on physical, cognitive, language, creative and personality development.

Learning Modes

Milky Preschool provides an environment for directional play, freedom of choice, self-learning environment, mixed age grouping, thematic approach and project-based learning.

Training & Workshops

Milkyway Preschool conducts regular training for teachers,support staff and management,and workshops for parents

Professional Management

Milkyway Preschool has a strong academic,management and operations support team.

Advanced Infrastructure

Milkyway Preshool houses various scientifically designed apparatus,and follows multimedia classroom and revolutionary assessment technique.

Awards & Certificates


Parent Testimonals


Milkyway preschool follow the ECCE rules and provide structured preschool program that integrates , philosophy , well researched Montessori based curriculum , scientific materials , assessment , teachers training and best infrastructure ( Check our gallery for details picture ). Milkyway preschool have the National and International recognition along with awards like Top 100 preschool India award (National),Best innovative Preschool award ( National ) , Best preschool of the year award (International ) etc. To know more please see FAQ below. Our students successfully get admission in the top and the best school and they perform well there as reported.

Admission process:

Parents are encouraged to meet the nearby branch of Milkyway preschool , take a guided tour of the preschool with the counsellor. This would help them understand the facilities at our centre and experience the environment where we nurture young minds. After complete satisfaction you can fill up admission form and submit along with the following documents. For further information on our preschool programs and preschool admission process, please fill in your contact details in the enquiry form and our admission counsellors will get in touch with you. The following documents are required for admission


Preschool Admission process:

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to preschool admission process, child care, play time, annual events, preschool infrastructure, preschool education and more, that Milkyway Preschool, achieve the best preschool award .

Do all children needs preschool?

All children should have access to high-quality preschool programs that place them in the best position possible for future success. Studies show that children from all income and racial groups benefit from high-quality preschool. The benefits of preschool are particularly powerful among children from low-income families who, on average, start kindergarten 15 to 18 months behind their peers in pre-reading and language skills.

What's the evidence that preschool makes a difference ?

There is strong research demonstrating the impact of high-quality preschool programs on child outcomes – both shortand long-term. Multiple studies have shown that children who attend high-quality preschool programs score higher on mathematics and reading assessments in the elementary grades; gain critical non-cognitive, or “soft skills,” needed for success in school; are less likely to need special education services; are less likely to be retained; and are more likely to graduate from high school than children who do not attend such programs. The Committee on Integrating the Science of Early Childhood Development has shown that impacts are particularly powerful for children from low-income families or those at risk for school failure who, on average, start kindergarten 15 to 18 months behind their peers in pre-reading and language skills. According to the National Research Council, high-quality preschool programs also improve children’s noncognitive skills, such as persistence and self-control, which have long-term implications for future success in school and in life. Other key studies include research from Oklahoma, Michigan, New Jersey, and Massachusetts:

What are the preschool program that are offered by milkiway preschool?

Milkyway preschool offers age appropriate well-defind preschool programs , which are :-
Moon / Playgroup : for age 2 years to 3 years
Earth / Nursery : for age 3 years to 4 years
Sun / lower KG : for age 4 years to 5 years
Sun Advanced / Upper KG : for age 5 years to 6 years
Toddler for age 1.5 Years to 2.0 Years

Why should i choose milkyway preschool for my children's ?

Milkyway preschool have the National and International recognition with awards like Top 100 preschool in India award (National),Best innovative Preschool award ( National ) , Best preschool of the year award ( International ) etc. Milkyway preschool provide structured preschool program that integrates , philosophy , well researched Montessori based curriculum , scientific materials , assessment and teachers training.

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