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“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.” Maria Montessori

“Almost few decades back the market was dominated by the grandmother-run-crèches or similar informal arrangements. Today, parents are looking for an extra edge; something which is scientifically designed, research-backed and outcome-oriented. This is where organized players like us come into play”

Who are we? Milkyway Preschool is a dream project of Indian Association of Science and Application ( IASA ). IASA is – an Educational Trust (nonprofit organization) which is quite well known for its women empowerment and skill enhancement programs. We have also worked with school children to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. We realised that these techniques should be taught from early childhood for the holistic development of the child. This led us to dream of a preschool which did not just enable reading and writing readiness but allowed the children to explore their inherent capabilities.
How and why Milkyway preschool starts: Being a mother of two and also a teacher, the founder (gold medallist in physics) knew how important it was to give the children a type of education which not only ensured good grades but also prepared them to take challenges in life. She wanted her children not to be just successful but also become responsible citizens. But she soon realized that the present education system is not giving sufficient opportunities to children to explore their capabilities. She started researching on early childhood education systems and policies. She started science clubs, communication and PD clubs and so on to help the children to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities.

Her team mate and life partner, Sanjib Adhikary was very supportive of all these projects. They formed a team with educators, psychologists and special educators who envisaged a child education program which was flexible enough to fit any type of child. Thus, Milkyway Preschool was established in 2015 in Kolkata. Milkyway Preschool will give you the vibes of loving as well as encouraging parents. We truly believe that early childhood experiences will be the stepping stone for building the personality of the child.

Our Dreams:
In order to meet our curriculum objectives, we take the children through a structured learning programme, which involves a lot of structured and focused activities. The curriculum emphasizes the key areas of development in the child in the spheres of Seno-motor, Personality, Language, Cognitive and Creative skills. The curriculum also gives a clear timetable in terms of what needs to be done throughout the year in terms of activities and themes. An integral part of our curriculum is that the curriculum is implemented with educational materials (Montessori Apparatus) with which the chldren learn by exercising their hands and senses, which in turn aids in their overall brain development. We begin with fine and practical life skills. English is introduced with phonetics. Mathematics is introduced with materials that help the child comprehend this very abstract area.

Montessori Teachers Training and Primary Teachers Training course equips participants to educate children in the Montessori Method, at the pre- primary level anywhere in the world.
Classroom Training
participants in this course compulsorily attend an internship for in-class evaluation making them perfectly ready to face the challenges ahead in any classroom setting.
Audio Visual Presentation
Huge training material equips partners to conduct Audio Visual classes without any additional effort on their part. Every material is clearly mapped to our program of work and annual academic schedule.

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Day School/Day Care

Getting the right selection of both Preschool and Daycare is most important for growth of a child. Our Package comprises of complete turnkey solution for preschool plus after school care within Day school . After school programs for kids, focusing on essentials like Brain development, communicative English, handwriting development, etc. We not only provide world-class education, but to do so along with providing the best-in-class support systems. AC Classrooms, Audio Visual Support, colorful environment – all add to the fun element in learning. Our Facilitators are highly trained, vastly experienced and are fully committed to delivering beyond your expectations. The programs, which individually targets key parental concerns and aspirations, has been implemented after years of research and carries the stamp of quality that is now being run successfully across the country and our training partners can’t stop asking for more.

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About the Founder


Indrani Adhikary , M.Sc (Gold med.) , B.Ed, MBA, MA in Psychology, is a College teacher by profession. She has worked with children of all age groups. She is the co-founder of the Indian Association of Science & Application. As an educator. she has been organizing specialized sessions on Career Counselling, Motivational & Personality Grooming, Talent Showcasing. Training for Women and Teachers, Child Care, besides Nutritional Camps and Parental Workshops


Sanjib Adhikary is an Engineering graduate (JU ) with inclination towards social activities. He is the co-founder Of Indian Association Science & Application, He had been elected as the General Secretary of Palli Mangal Samity for many years. Some of his social initiatives include Free Coaching and Distribution of books & notebooks to poor students: organising Flood Relief Camps. Science Exhibitions. Blood Donation Camps, Yoga Camps, Bratachery, Scout & Guide Activities, and much more

Mission Vission

To help the children in becoming independent thinkers and enhance their skills so that they can excel in their dreams and build a stronger, compassionate, enriched and beautiful society.

Awards and Accolades

All India intraschool IQ olympiad 1st position certificates

IQ olympiad 1st position 1st round certificate

Achieve top 100 Preschool india award

Best Innovative Preschool Award

Achieve Best Preschool of the year award in UAE

Achieve Best Preschool in Estern India








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